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Can I collect unemployment benefits if I give 2 weeks notice with a medical condition?

You can certainly apply for UI.
It is solely up to your state agency that oversees UI benefits to determine if you qualify.
Can you apply for UI? Sure you can. Anyone can apply. There's no law blocking them from doing so.

Whether you will be approved for UI if you quit your job is questionable, however, particularly if you are doing so because of a medical condition that makes it difficult or impossible to work. In order to receive UI, you need to be able to work, actively looking for work and able to accept work if offered.

You are more fortunate than most because you are in one of the very few states where there are state-provided disability benefits. If you are unable to work because on an ongoing or chronic illness, disability benefits would be a better bet than UI.
Agree with cbg. You generally do not get UI benefits if you quit your job & if you are unable to work due to a medical condition, you most likely will not get them. You have to be able to work & looking for work. You can try applying for state disability benefits if you are unable to work. Good luck.
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