Underage Affected by Past Possession Charge?


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I'm a 17 year old living in cuyahoga county in Ohio. In March of last year I was given a possession charge at school for marijuana. I was not arrested but I did have to participate in community diversion and was placed on probation until I turn 18. Last night I was pulled over for my speed in Lorain county and the cop said he smelled alcohol and went on to test me. I blew over the legal limit, and was arrested. Since I didn't blow over .08 and I'm a minor the ticket written to me was for a underage, not for ovi or dui. My question is what are the odds the case will be moved to my county, and if so how will this be affected by my past charge for possession? Will my license be suspended? What about probation? House arrest?
The case won't be moved to the county in which you reside.
However, your probation officer will eventually be told, if he or she doesn't already know.

In due course, the court will know.

Your probation could be revoked.
Many things could happen to you, which is why you should reveal all of this to your new criminal defense attorney or public defender.

Your parents should also be told. You'll need their help, ASAP.

A lousy drivers license is the least of your worries, kid.
You're about to screw up your life, so you also need help.
If you don't stop this immediately, your next five to ten years will be horrific for you.
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