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Troublemaker neighbor

Discussion in 'Defamation, Libel & Slander' started by uprock, Dec 31, 2004.

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  1. uprock

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    My son was accused of "sexually touching" a 13y/o, he is 15. Eveyone knows (including the parents) that this girl is very permiscuis. Her own parents know she lies, but they are trying to get my son in trouble. We have witnesses including her own brother that know that this accusation is false. Apparently she does this alot and gets way with it. We'd like to stop it. After all is said and done in a court of law and my son is proven innocent, can we sue them for defamation of character, embarrasement for my son and ourselves or something similar? We would like to get our court fees back. No real damage was done (so far), except he needs to be on his best behavior and stay away from that family (yeah) for the next month before he goes to court. Is it worth getting a lawyer to keep his innocense? This family had no idea we would take it this far. We really want to drag this girls a.. to court and tell "her" story to the judge. We just want this girl and parents to know that she cannot do this and get away with it.
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