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Terminating a father rights

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by laurenm0, May 4, 2019.

  1. laurenm0

    laurenm0 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    New Jersey
    My 15 month old was sexually molested by his father. The father had baby for a visit and prior conviction of child porn in which he then performed horrible acts on my baby. Sent pictures to undercover agent and FBI raided his home and took him away to prison. CPS removed baby but has since returned him to me under supervision. How can I have his rights terminated. My lawyer claims only way to keep him and family away is to have a new father in place. Like if I get married to someone. Is that the only way because I will do it. I want nothing from the father and his family but for them to go away and never surface.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    That is often difficult, and in some cases IMPOSSIBLE to do.

    Your lawyer is on target, but adoption by another male is often expensive, and sometimes impossible.


    It is also difficult to find a man willing to adopt a child, even if the man marries you, and difficult to achieve.

    Adoption is also expensive.

    Sometimes it is best just to leave things as they are, because a man or woman doesn't have to be married to someone to be a parent to a child.

    Heck, you found out that even BIRTH parents can do heinous, despicable things to the children to whom they are genetically related!

    You might find that impossible, because someone loves you, doesn't mean they want to adopt your child.

    In fact, some people won't marry a person with children.

    I understand the hurt you are feeling.
    Have you considered counseling?
    You didn't harm the child.

    The evil demon who harmed the child is in prison.

    You have time to determine what you will do.

    No need to do something hasty.

    You are also free to obtain an order of protection when the demon (if the demon) ever gets out of prison.

    You can also move to a new state and keep your location secret.

    Talk to your lawyer about HOW that can be done.

    All you have to do is move far away, and be careful who you tell where you live.

    In fact, you can change yoru name and child's name, again discuss that with your lawyer.
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  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Don't do anything hasty. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

    As long as he's in prison you have plenty of time to figure things out. His family have no rights to your child so you can keep them away by just saying so. If they hassle you, you can take out a restraining order.

    How long will he be in prison for?
  4. KatDini

    KatDini Well-Known Member

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    What did the CPS caseworker say when you asked them your question? The State may very well terminate his rights because of the abuse; many states will do so without having a step-parent available to adopt.
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