terminated on false pretenses using fabricated write=ups


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i was terminated with fabricated disciplinary reports. I have been dealing with this for four years i am without counsel and being taken advantage of and i don't know what's going on i am in arbitration procured by fraud as i did not sign the agreement. I NEED HELP UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHAT CAN I DO. I AM DEALING WITH BAD FAITH LITIGANTS WHO JUST WONT STOP.
I have two questions for you,

1.) Are you a member of a union?

2.) If you had to guess, why do you believe your employer is treating you this way (what is his reason)?
My supervisor was making verbal sexual advances towards me and when I rejected his advances, he began treating me in a discriminatory was and was harassing me and when i called human resources a week later i was terminated for false reasoning then five write-ups appeared in my fille. I been going thru this for four years had two ineffective counsels. I'm in arbitration and i keep telling the courts, the arbitrator, Eeco, and the phrc, I got the documents and the writeups examined by expert document examiner and she confirmed it. I don't understand why NO ONE is LISTENING, feel like I'm being taking advantage of. I DONT UNDERSTAND LIKE THERE VIOLATING MY RIGHTS TO A FAIR HEARING.
Okay. You've already done what I was going to suggest.

What is your legal question for the board? Of what assistance can we be to you?