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  1. elizabeth hernandez

    elizabeth hernandez Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I let a friend borrow my car in San jose,ca as long as he would pay me for the time he had it. I had an extra car so didn't really need it at the time and we agreed that he would pay me the amount i was paying for the insurance and car payment since it was financed. About a year ago he got in a car accident that when i discovered he had shipped the car to Georgia. We worked it all out with the insurance and got it fixed. Since the accident he said the car but life events have set him back and he couldn't pay me anymore for the car payments and insurance so i was making all the payment on my own until he had the money to pay me back. Its not been over a year and wont return my car or pay me any money for having it. Everytime we agree on something he lies to me or manipulates me let him keep it another month till he can pay me back but that never happens. I have sent him a certified demand letter a month ago and he still wont return the car unless i give him $500 and I pay to get it shipped out. Im scared he will trash the car , so i am not sure if i should report it stolen. I feel so hopeless and need advice as to what to do or if i have a case against him.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You've been conned, scammed, hoodwinked, and bamboozled.
    Frankly, you allowed him use your car.
    He never had any intention of honoring his end of the deal.
    I'd forget ever receiving any money from the deadbeat.
    He has nothing.
    He'll never have enough to pay you.

    You could discuss your problems regarding the car with your local police agency.
    However, I doubt the police will exhibit much interest in assisting you.
    You're a taxpayer, so you're free to try.

    Frankly, if I were you, I'd just sign the title over to the deadbeat.
    If the deadbeat were to get drunk, drive your car and kill someone, you could end up getting screwed, again!!!
    This should teach you to just say NO to the beggars, next time one hits you up for a free ride!

    Good luck.
  3. CdwJava

    CdwJava Moderator

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    The car is not stolen. This is a civil matter. Unfortunately for you, YOU failed to make sure that the buyer completed a release of liability on the vehicle. That means that you are liable for the vehicle until such time as you can complete the transfer. You can always TRY to submit a release of liability with the "buyer's" name and address (in Georgia???), but that may not do much good.

    I agree with Army Judge - see if you can sign the title over to him and be done with it.

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