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An attorney tried to sue me but couldnt find me to have me served. The case was recalled by that attorney/ recalled/etc
The debt is 2 yrs past the TN statute limitations.
I was later told by an attorney on the phone that the creditor can refile that case even though it is past the statute limitations

thank you for your help
Stop talking to any collection scammer, if by chance they've been trying to s are you.

Sure, an idiot can file a lawsuit against you for the debt your great-great-great granny owed his great-great-great granny.

That idiot can't prevail, but he can file such a lawsuit.

The attorney is technically or react, but your defense is the same, as long as they don't trick you. The SOL is your friend.

When I say trick, some of these collection scammers will pay $1.00 on a debt via money order and say you sent it, just to revive a dead debt. So, that's why you avoid those crooks.

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