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I used to receive SSI benefits and that stopped in 2015. I called SSA multiple times to tell them I'm working and to stop my benefits and they never did. Eventually I typed a letter and handed it to someone at my local office and I told them I received $4,398 in benefits after I started working. A few weeks later they finally acknowledged I've been overpaid $4,398. I paid it back over 3 separate checks at 3 different dates. The first check was $2,000, then $500, then $1,898. In April 2016 I received a letter from SSA saying I was paid in full. I kept that letter saying I was paid in full but that's it, I threw most of my other SSA paperwork away. I no longer have the bank accounts I had back in 2015.

Almost 7 years later on December 30th, 2021, my parents (not me) received a letter on my behalf saying I owe SSA $2,000. After numerous phone calls, they told me my $2,000 check from July 2015 bounced in April 2016, 9 months after I wrote that check out and gave it to them. I filed a "request for reconsideration" but it was denied 2 weeks ago. They said the paid in full letter was a mistake on their behalf and won't honor it. They also told me someone tried making a failed/denied $2,000 credit card payment to SSA in my name in 2019 when that is not true. I did nothing with SSA from 2016 thru 2021.

I'm thinking about requesting the admin judge hearing but I would like to gather more information first. I tried calling the banks I did business with 7 years ago but they all said they no longer have records for that year.

What can I do?
Is there a statue of limitation of time SSI can collect?
Here you go, mate:

If you believe that you may have been overpaid, but feel that it was not your fault and you cannot afford to pay us back:
ask for a waiver of the overpayment; and ask for and complete form SSA 632 (Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery).

If necessary, we will help you.
You can ask for a waiver at any time.

If we grant you a waiver, you will not have to repay all or part of the overpayment. Generally, for us to grant you a waiver, you must show that:

It was not your fault that you were overpaid; and

You cannot pay back the overpayment because you need the money to meet your ordinary living expenses.

You may have to submit proof of your income, as well as bills to show that all of your income is used for your monthly expenses and that it would be a hardship for you to repay.

Understanding SSI - Overpayments
Did the check actually bounce? If yes, then it would seem that you owe the money.