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    SSI and annuity

    My sister receives SSI. The union her first husband worked for contacted her to start sending her annuity payments. Her annuity is not as much as her SSI. Will this affect her SSI? IF SO, how?
  2. L

    Does foreign income and foreign resources count towards supplemental security income?

    if you are senior citizen and lived in foreign county for last 3-4 years and earned passive income (interest and capital gains income) - and now if you plan to come to USA ...and that passive income still continues - this passive income will reduce or stop the monthly supplemental security...
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    I may lose my ssi benefits

    My mother just passed away but a few years ago she added me to her savings and checking account ( i helped her make sure bills were paid etc0 I could of gotten a bank card in my name but chose not to as it was my mother's money but i just found out yesterdy from her bank that because i was added...
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    SSI Reduction with Postal Federal Pension

    Hello, I wanted to know if SSI benefits would be reduced someone on SSI (Age of 54 years old) was to marry someone that has only worked for the United States Postal Service and only receives a Pension from the work done with the Postal service)? (Age of Retired Postal work with the Federal...
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    Can a disabled individual receive both SSI and SDA (State Disability Assistance)?

    I've been receiving SSI for disability since 2009 for a condition that started in 2000. However because I didn't start treatment until 2007 when I was 26, I have no medical records of the condition before '07. But when my parents recently applied for their retirement benefits, SSA called my mom...
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    SSI Overpayment Notice

    I used to receive SSI benefits and that stopped in 2015. I called SSA multiple times to tell them I'm working and to stop my benefits and they never did. Eventually I typed a letter and handed it to someone at my local office and I told them I received $4,398 in benefits after I started working...
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    Creating a new business and SSI

    My husband and I live in the state of Florida. We are starting an online business selling digital downloads and eventually tangible merchandise to various online marketplaces. We created an LLC and filed it in the state of Florida and also applied for the applicable FL licenses that are...
  8. M

    SSI & taxes

    Hi, My daughter was recently approved for SSI. She was told she needs to pay me $x amount each month which I understand is taxable income to me. My question: do I just wait until tax time to figure out how much tax I owe or do I need to send in quarterly payments to the IRS? My only other...
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    Thread watched SSI Benefit Owe $4000 Decision and Advice

    I am trying to make sense of what I can do and if a someone can help me with this matter. My wife became ill about 10 years ago and when she got to the point where she could not longer work, we decided to apply for Social Security. She has multiple debilitating conditions which have gotten...
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    Hello! I am asking a question for my girlfriend who is a bit worked up this evening. My GF has been divorced for 5 years. She has 2 childen with her ex-husband. The youngest is a 6 year old that is high on the autism spectrum. They share 50-50 joint custody. Ex-husband isn't a big fan of work...
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    Reporting SSA & IRS fraud (concealed income) - looking for advice

    Dear all, An American citizen has been the owner (direct ownership as a private person) of the real estate in a foreign country for several years. He didn't declare this ownership to SSA when applied for Social Security benefits based on "limited income and few assets", and as a result has been...
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    SSI Disability Payee

    I am receiving SSI disability, and I was required to have a payee. The payee is mismanaging my funds, put me into bankruptcy because of property taxes not being maintained. I was able to make a deal with the town, only for her to put me right back to the brink again in less than a year. I...
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