Negligence, Other Injury small crash+ ticket

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I was driving on I 95 and when driving my passenger side mirror got hit with another truck and I lost my mirror and he got a small scratch which was very minor. Truck belong to his owner so he said that he has to take accident report in case we sue there company etc. He called the cops and cops asked me what happened I said that our mirror got hit and we lost control but than regained it and stopped on side of road Cop gave me the ticket failure to drive in single lane. I was driving in my lane only. Ticket is 166 plus 3 points. Let me know if I should fight it

The other driver was very cool and told me that he is OK and may not even report the claim. So I am sure he is not going to come to court.

If he does not come do ticket get dismissed?
It doesn't matter what the other party does. You still have a traffic ticket. You can pay it, dispute it in court yourself or hire a traffic law attorney to see what he/she may be able to do for you.
Would you prefer the officer upgrade the ticket to negligent driving? You are not supposed to lose control of your vehicle, especially over a small slap and tickle. You will be convicted based on your own statement.
Traffic school, always consider traffic school if it is allowed.
Traffic school easily washes away most tickets.
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