Negligence, Other Injury Slip and Fall Law in Maryland

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I fell in front of my apartment building in early February. A few months back, my apartment complex had decided to put stepping stones in front of our entrance to help with flooding (which did nothing because the stones float). They decided to shovel over these steps instead of shoveling over the even pavement and I couldn't see where the stones were.

I fell, got a high grade sprain, and am still recovering a month later. I have spoken to a dozen lawyers and so far, I've heard the same thing: Maryland has a contributory negligence law that says if I'm over 1% responsible I am not due anything. It says that I am responsible because I knew the stones were there even if I couldn't see them. Apparently the law says that if the only path out of my home provided to me is unsafe, I must accept the risk or not leave. Meaning I don't HAVE to go to work or get groceries or anything.

So far, it sounds like I do not have the right to a safe exit from my home. Is there any other way of arguing this case? Can my apartment complex legally trap me in my apartment? I thought I could argue negligence but it doesn't sound like it.
Maryland is not a plaintiff friendly lawsuit state.

You can bring your own small claims case.

That result would likely to be the same.

The previous legal advice you've been given has value and merit.

The lawyers wouldn't tell you that if it weren't true.

They would take your case on a contingency basis.

They only get paid if they win your case.

It isn't in their best interest to take the case, if it couldn't be won.

Neither of you would get any payments is what they're telling you.

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