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Hello, I have a question. Last Sunday (3:15pm) I was shopping at Safeway and slipped and fell on some water on the floor near the freezer section. We told the Manager and informed him I was also 30 weeks pregnant. He took my info and I noticed they had cameras so he said he will be looking at them.

Well I ended up in Labor and delivery 2 hours later in Pre-term labor, so they had to stop my contractions. I finally got released at 12:30 am.

On Friday (5 days after the incident) their Store Manager called and offered me 200.00 Money Order to release Liability. I talked to my family and Husband and they both said no, that it wouldn't even cover my hospital visit.

Should I do anything about it or take the 200?
Don't take the money………….You could settle for over six figures…….Consult an attorney specialized in such liabilities. The attorney would examine and advice you on how to proceed. Just don't contact the store or sign anything with them. If you can't afford an attorney, most would proceed for a third of what they feel they could sue and get. Use an attorney with free initial consultation…………most do it. If they feel you don't have a good case, they would tell you what to do. Act fast so he could request the video the manager saw……………..very important. It could be a mixed blessing to you............congratulations on your kid!
A lot of attorneys we have called (about 4 now) say that we need to wait until after the baby is born. Well the video will be gone then... Am I just calling the wrong attorneys?

Safeway called me again today, this time their Risk department. Stating they want to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Should I call them back, for some reason I don't think I should.

Thank you.
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