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I live in California, which has very strict laws about prior felons using firearms. I am a prior felon and am not on parole or probation. My questiion is about this... There is this online site I found called live-shot.com. Which allows a user to remotely aim, and shoot a .22 caliber rifle online...at a paper target, and pretty soon real live animals for remote hunting. The actual location is somewhere in Texas. Can I be prosecuted in the state of California for violating this state's gun laws? Payment is by credit card. I am very curious about this before I sign up with my info. Thanks in advance!
Now I have seen a lot, but this is a new idea I have never ever come across. Fascinating what people invent to make money.

I am sure the lawmakers never thought about the internet when they drafted the gun laws. Therefore all I can say is, that it probably has never been contested in a court of law. This is a whole new interesting question. What state law would you be breaking? The one of California or the one of Texas? How is "possession" to be defined?

Usually to "possess" something, you have to be able to exert domnion and control over it. Here you certainly do to some extend, by controlling when to fire the gun, but it is not exclusive, since you cannot do with that gun what you want. Is it enough "dominion and control" to satisfy the law prohibiting possession by a felon? I don't know.

An attorney could surely argue that since you control the firing mechanism over the internet, you control the gun and therefore should be treated as if you have the gun in the hand. Another attorney surely could argue that no, your control over the gun is not direct and therefore it should not be seen as the same as having a gun in your hand.

May be some day a court will decide. Personally, I tend to think that since you control the firing mechanism you have a lot of "dominion" and therefore might be liable. If I were you, I would not do it.

May be the others here know more?

I appreciate the response. The more I thought about it yesterday...the more reluctant I was to do it. I wonder how long it will take to see a court case emerge from this issue or even worse an assault or murder case involving this type of device? My guess is soon! I got the link at Msnbc.com from the front page. Lots of people saw it. Thanks again!
Yeah, I discussed that issue here in my office and we all said the same: this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It opens up a whole new book full of questions: liability, insurance, jurisdiction etc. Very interesting for attorneys, but you don't want to be the guinea pig :)
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