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  • I Went On A Interview But Before The Interview I Met With A Supervisor A Terril Stroud A Couple Of Day Before My Sister Introduced Me And It Seem To Me Going Well So He Set Up An Interview I Went And I Was Seen By Another Supervisor And He Told Me That The Person Who Does The Training Is On Vacation And Wont Be Back Until After Labor Day And He Also Could'nt Hire Me Till After Labor Day And He Would Call Have The Other Supervisor Mr Stroud To Call Me That Friday The Day I Went On The Interview Was A Monday Mean While My Sister Called Me On Her Lunch Break And Told Me That He Said Don't Worry I Have The Job And That He Made A Disturbing Comment About My Lower Assets Now The Week Goes By And No Call Early Tuesday Morning I Called Mr Stroud And He Wasn't In His Office So I Left A Message But Before Lunch I Called Again And Talked To Him And He Said The Person Was Back From Training And He Had To Talk To That Person And He Would Call Me Back Right Away And He Took My Number But He Never Called So Early Wensday Morning I Called Again And He Said He Was Sorry He Didn't Get A Chance To Speak That Person And He Said I Will Talk To Him/her Then Ask Me Was I Dress For Work Because "when I Call Back Ill Need U To Come In" I Said Yes Sir Thinking That I Would Start Today He Never Called Back Instead My Sister Called Me And Told Me Taht A Young Spanish Female Who Had Came In For An Interview Was Being Hired On The Spot The Same Day As The Interview And I Know The Girl Personally She Lives In My Neigbohood And I Thought That Was So Unprofessional And It Was No Need To Lie About It And To Have Me Think That I Had The Job So Do I Have A Case
    Bally Total Fitness dept/fraud in NY
    I signed up for this gym and within a couple of weeks I decided to cancel. I was informed that I needed to write a letter in order to cancel, to pay a $25 cancellation fee and visit the gym at least 12 times, I did exactly as they told me and all a month before my the trial membership was over. Those scammers told me that I didn't visit the gym 12 times, that they were not going to refund my $25 but I everything that was required, I just can't prove the amounts of time I visited the gym. I need to know if I have a chance to fight this.
    Hi, I have to get a criminal record clearance in order to work for the Department of Ed as a teacher (currently still college student). I pled guilty for possession of a very small amount of marajuana about 17 years ago and I paid a small fine. Will this show up on a criminal record and if so can I have it removed so it doesn't interfere with my chances to become a school teacher? Thank you.
    My father died back in May. My mother can't afford the rent and is looking for another place. She received a letter from a lawyer stating she has 3 days to be evicted. Doesn't the sheriff department only have the authority to handle this in NY state?
    My husband of (17) years has left me and my (2) children. We reside in New York state. My oldest is (16) years old and understands that she is able to decide who she resides with. She would like to know if she is able to relinquish this decision to the courts and let the court make the decision in her best interest. I would like to ease her mind. If you could, please, reply with an answer.

    Thank you for your time.
    I'm a janitor working for a company that cleans buildings and the building that I'm stationed at got bigger and i still have not had a raise yet is that right?
    Is providing topless or nude sensual massage,(W/O sexual activity) for barter or gifts illegal in anyway?
    I have an embarrasing question to ask, my step-brother just flew home last week from a vacation he tood in California, on his way back he thought it would be a good idea to take some marijuana with him, needless to say he was busted at the airport. So they arrested him for the time being while searching through all his luggage for any more paraphenilia. He had nothing in his luggage; the only drugs he had was the marijuana he had strapped to his leg, and according to him he only had about 4 grams, (the officers said they would weight at a later date) then they released him to go home because he did not have an ounce on him, it was medicinal marijuana-which he does not have a legal card and it was for personal use, but he has to go back to California and go to court on the 9th, what might his charges be, any info would help, thank you for your time.
    Good Day,
    I'm needing some advise on Florida deviorce after 30 years of total seperation. I understand I must file divorce papers, must I go to Sarasoda Fl where I know he last lived to do so, or can I do it from home in PA, and how does the news paper ad need to work please, also what is the length it must run and what do I say, I need some advice.. Thanks you soo much for you heip.
    hello, i have a charge, pled guilty, paid fines, have to comply with alabama's mandatory treatment act of 1990 with a suspended 1 year sentence; my charge is possession of marijuana 2nd degree. now i'm through with this lousy place, have a job offer in California, my state of choice for the resonable society, and was wondering how to go there without this hanging over my head and fear of rendition back to this unreasonable st8
    I have dual citizenship (American & Romanian), however, my Romanian passport expired and in order to renew it, they need, among other things, a legal formal proof of my change in name (which happened when I got my American citizenship). Where do I go to get this proof?
    My husband went to a board meeting last night and was singled out infront of other employees being told that he had to go and take a drug screen. My husband doesn't do drugs and infact disowned his own brother for six months when he found out he was doing meth. My husband has a health condition that causes him to look unhealthy and loose weight he was worked for the company for 5 or 6 yrs now and has never even signed anything stating that he would have to submited to random drug screens of course this happened last night and now this morning he went and took the drug screen because he has nothing to hide. His boss which happens to be his father had to drive him to the clinic to get this done. Now they are going to let him drive around and work but he is so upset and stressed out that they would single him out like that he is stating to have problems with his condition from the stress. He feels imbarresed and if they are after his job he is also feels very insulted for what they did to him infornt of everyone. Is it really legal what they did. Can they truly get away with this?
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