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    Other Immigration Law I-94

    You need two permits to come to the US and stay: one to enter and one to stay. A visa is the entry permit, allowing you to enter the country. The I-94 is the form you get at the border or airport allowing you to stay in the country. You need both to show that you are legally in the...
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    Criminal Law Patrol Cars

    No, cops do not pull over people because of crimes they have committed in the past, they pull over people if they have observed a violation of the law. Then they will run a warrant check, which will return negative if no outstanding warrant is listed. Usually for the patrol cop, that is it...
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    Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks ok i have a question, please anyone help!

    These are all questions you should ask your attorney. Since we don't know the evidence, we cannot answer if this will be enough for an indictment or not. But if the judge feels that there is a probability that a crime was committed, he will probably bind the accused over for trial and then...
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    Criminal Law Please Help.. Immigrating through a family invitation but have a crime record.

    Hm, it depends on the exact definition of the crime for which you have been convicted. But generally, armed robbery is a crime of moral turpitude, and usually carries a longer sentence than a maximum of 1 year and therefore would make any immigrant inadmissible. The visa center sends all the...
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    Self Rep. in District Court?

    If I understand correctly then you are being charged with a crime and face a criminal trial? Then yes, you do have a constitutional right to cross-examine witnesses and also bring your own witnesses. However, if you do not know how to do this and what to ask, I strongly suggest you hire an...
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    Criminal Law class 2 misdemeanor and f1 visa

    It will probably depend on the paperwork. Technically it can be argued that you have been working for the store because you took over a job that normally a paid employee would have had to do. That is valid even if you yourself were not paid. And you have a criminal conviction regardless if it is...
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    They want out!

    It depends on your contract. Unless it has a provision that allows them to get out I would say no, they cannot simply quit. But it depends on what you agreed upon.
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Arrested for Shoplifting... Need advice PLEASE!

    Are you sure you got the term right? Because you would have been charged with a misdemeanor anyway. There are three classes of crimes: felonies, misdemeanors and a third class, that is sometimes called violation, or infraction or something similar. All of them are crimes, that is a violation of...
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    need to know if this is illegal asap

    This link should bring you to the Ohio revised code. Title XXIX is the criminal code. Look up the crime definitions under the sub-heading "Perjury" 2921
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    Sex Crimes, Sex Offenders statutory rape

    I cannot tell you because this really depends a lot on local attitudes and custom and of course on the individual circumstances. This what his attorney needs to evaluate.
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    need to know if this is illegal asap

    probably yes. It can be a crime if the state penal code so provides, it also can be a tort (a civil wrong that would lead to damages), for example misrepresentation, abuse of process etc.
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    Case or no?

    Have a look here, this might give you more info:
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft petty theft (shoplift) in germany

    petty shoplifting charges normally either lead to a dismissal of the charges upon the condition of paying a fine (Einstellung des Verfahrens wegen geringer Schuld unter Auflage nach §153 StPO) or to a written conviction (Strafbefehl) with a fine. If this is the only criminal record it is...
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    Breach of Contract by Buyer

    well, if you represented the house being built in 1979 and in reality it was built in 1963 buyer here probably has a case to get out of the contract. If I were him I would even consider fraud charges. Also look at your contract. What does it say about rescission and due diligence?
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    Criminal Law Disorderly Conduct and Naturalization

    While this generally sounds good to me you should consult an immigration attorney and get his input on this after reviewing the details.