Prosecution cannot or will not produce transcript of anonymous tip??

If there is an actual longer transcript(regardless of contents) and there was more surveillance w/accompanying narratives, can they deny providing them?

The bottom line here is FIRST you withdraw your plea, THEN you resume discovery efforts even if your lawyer has to petition the judge to compel the prosecutor to explain satisfactorily the presence or absence of this tip sheet as you call it.

Until you withdraw your plea, you get nothing.

That's been made clear to the rest of us.
What if they have no proof if a tip?

For whatever reason...

You're looking for guarantees.

There are no guarantees when you tip toe or dance around in the land of crime.

The best guarantee is to do the simplest thing, DON"T BREAK ANY OF THEIR laws, or deal with those THEY THINK ARE BREAKING THEIR laws.

Mate, THEY become very agitated when you BREAK THEIR laws.
We have discovered since then, the tipster is a former friend who is paranoid schizophrenic, and the tip was not one sentence but a rambling, incoherent manifesto or confession of sorts.
unsolicited, the tipster confessed to me out of guilt.

You've already identified the tipster and know what the tipster said.

There would be no issue for the prosecutor to have to tipster testify at your trial to justify the warrant.

The transcript isn't evidence of anything and wouldn't be admissible even if it did exist.

Frankly, I think this obsession about the elusive transcript is the equivalent of you peeing in the ocean to make the tide come in.

Again, withdraw your plea, go to trial and address the tip.

Otherwise, resign yourself to your plea bargain.
Before the plea, was I entitled to a transcript? Or only after trial begins?

We requested transcript before plea. Told there wasn't one.

My lawyer was baffled as there must be some proof of a tip.

Once again, this is just one topic of many that left my trial attorney baffled.