Probation officers out of control


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Have been on probation for 2 years. Had my probation extended due to another charge. My probation officer has been extremely difficult to work with and has made my see him up to 3 times a week demanding I take the time off work and has recently tried to sanction me for 30 days because I missed an appointment I refused to sign the 30 day deal and now am going to court over the matter. There is a lot more to this case but this is the basics. What can I do to win my case and can filing legal actions against him be advantageous. He has been very discriminative and judgmental unwilling to work cooperate with my work won't meet with me at times when we have an appointment threatens me and lies to me to embarrasses me when other of his co workers are there extremely childish jealous behaviour at times ...
Your opinion of your PO won't matter one penny to any judge.
You're biting off much more than you can chew.
If you fail to understand or comprehend the deck is stacked against you, you'll figure it out quickly after your probation is revoked sitting in some filthy, dank, dusty, musty prison cell.

Play their game, pretend to give a F***, and you'll get the gorilla off your back.
Poke the bear, the bear will have the big, bad, poppa bear attack you.
Punishment for being a criminal isn't supposed to be pleasant or convenient.

It's designed to convince you not to do it again which you apparently didn't learn after your first conviction since you went out and committed another crime.

You are free to finish out your sentence in jail if you like.