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private road, no insurance.

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by Ronald Rutledge, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Ronald Rutledge

    Ronald Rutledge Law Topic Starter Guest

    Our property owner association maintains the roads. They withhold road repairs from certain areas as retaliation for owner participation in the association. Sometimes I am unable to use the road due to absence of surface material in wet weather. The president of the board of directors proudly tells people he is withholding repairs because he dislikes the people in the area. Additionally, there is no liability insurance to cover road repair work. The roads are county, public roads but county refuses to maintain them at all. Car is being damaged and My wife and I suffer emotional stress due concern about emergency vehicle access and ourselves being able to drive the road safely. I do not wish to wait for a tragedy before corrections are made. Lack of insurance is a huge concern of mine.
  2. army judge

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    You have six option that you might be able to pursue.

    1-You can hire a lawyer and have the lawyer investigate your legal options and/or remedies, if any!

    2-You can stop driving on the road!

    3-You can get a group of concerned/affected citizens together and pay for the road repairs.

    4-You can get a group of concerned and affected citizens together and run for the board to effect the changes you desire.

    5-You can continue to take IT, and absorb more pain.

    6-You can move away from the Nazis that control your every move.

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