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My co workers English is very very very very bad he's Vietnamese he also doesn't under anyone. You give him simple directions and he does something completely different than what he was told to do in our job we need to be able to communicate effectively or he could injure someone or him self only reason he hasn't done that is cuz he avoids and refuses in some cases to do his job the supervisors know this and refuse to so anything about it
This guy constantly fails miserably when it's time for him to do his job he's incompetent he do it period we work at international airport terminal we maintain the baggage handling system we keep the conveyors moving if a belt rips or a motor needs to be repaired we get a call and u have to fix it as fast as humanly possible now this guy don't answer the radio when someone ask for a tech, by the way, he's a tech, I'm a jr tech, he preform his job. supervisor knows this and do nothing at all mean while they write people up left and write for being late. Supervisor don't wanna move him to graveyard where he could get training that he needs, even tho he's been there 4 years already, because they said might sue the company for being racist or something. So what can I do about this guy
There is nothing you can do unless you want to go over the supervisors' head to the next level. But you do need to understand that someone else's poor job performance is not your concern. If you are truly concerned with safety, then find out if there is someone in charge of safety that you can make a report to.
It is my problem though cuz when something breaks down its not just one guy working on it we have work as a team. Since he doesn't know how to do anything he usually just gets in the way or hold a flash light we don't have the time to show him how to do his job that's why they should send him to grave yard the whole system is shut down for a couple hours to do repairs that we 1st shift can't do cuz we can't afford to stop it
His performance and skills are still not anyone's business but his and his supervisor's. If there is a legitimate problem aside from just you feeling he isn't pulling his weight, bring it up to your supervisor in a professional manner. Cite examples of the direct safety or service problems he directly caused. If it is just a general gripe session, you won't get far. Stick to the actual issue. If it is a lack of technical skill, be specific about what skill is lacking. If it is a communication issue, cite exactly what was said and his response.

Ultimately, it is still up to the employer to decide his performance and shift are either up to their standards or not. Your employer may still enforce the tardy rule whether or not they write this guy up for anything or not. Keep in mind, you wouldn't know what they may be doing behind the scenes, nor should you.
Everything you just said we've been doing for the last 3 years the refuse to do anything isn't that like special treatment or some shit when the lead tells him to go inspect a belt he gets mad and says why me why me your picking on me and shit so he goes to hr and says he's being harassed so nobody wants to tell him shit
Okay you don't like what we're telling you, so what do you think you can do?
If you want to go over your supervisor's head and complain about this guy, go ahead.
How about cleaning up the language and using something that resembles standard grammar and sentence structure. It is awfully difficult to follow your posts and your complaints about his English skills causing a problem ring hollow when we can barely read what you write.

You have no control over what your employer does with another employee. Your options are to:

1. Quit and find a job elsewhere.

2. Talk to the next highest supervisor about your concerns, though there is no guarantee that person will act the way you want them to.

3. Live with it as you have for the past 4 years.
The fact remains that there is no law you can invoke that will force the supervisor to take the action you want him to take.
Your only choices are to talk to someone higher up or leave things as they are. We don't know if any changes will be made even if you talk to someone. You could always look for work elsewhere.
Good luck to you. That might be the best decision.
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