PLEASE HELP! work issue is literally killing me


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Hi all,

I am new to this site as I really feel that I have no where else to go and also that I can be open and honest on here

I am a manager In a footsie 100 business call centre in the financial sector father of 2

Little back story, I suffer from mental health issues and earlier this year ,I found a therapist who understood me and really helped me to the point i genuinely felt normal again and was getting on with life being happy which I hadn't felt in a while, it did take 6 months of therapy to get to where I was in June 2020 which was just normal I suppose you could say. I had been off work from Feb to May to help my recovery.

When I returned my company due to COVID the company had moved to people working from home with the ability to take calls from home and they also offered x3 overtime round the clock outside of normal shift hours. In mid June I asked my manager to arrange for me to have the ability to take calls from home so I can take advantage of the x3 OT which was agreed.

So I had explained to my leader the importance of me being able to take advantage of the x3, due to unfortunately taking on some debt when I was off just simply buying to try and make myself feel better ( Depression debts I called it to my manager ) then as I explained I could finally put that bad part of my life behind me and move forward.

Long story short fast forward to 25th August and at least 8 occasions where I has chased with my manager and they had sent emails to others and that continued until 25th of Aug when I eventually got the option to take calls from home, oh I forgot to mention they decided to end the x3 on 31st Aug. o i was given the opportunity to make 6 days overtime. by this time as Id explained to my manager on several occasions from July it was starting to effect my mental health as I felt things were starting to go against me, but I am constantly getting reminders by my team to sort their overtime out, seeing how much they were making ( over 5K a month some of them ) and being asked to chase missed overtime, yet I cant take advantage of it. they where constantly putting things out saying how good it was that people are making this much money etc. yet I could take advantage of what 1000s of other colleagues have access to.

I also need to add that many emails stating that all OT after 8pm MUST be done from home and cannot be completed in the office.

I work from 9 till 7 and have to drop my kids off at school after sorting them out and also pick them up from school, as my partner works for the NHS and is busy all hours due to COIVD . So as I explained to my manager, the only time I have available to complete the overtime would be when my kids where in bed 7/8pm for 3 hours. Always the plan from the 1st conversation

My mental health dipped again and I let my manager know on several occasions that it was effecting me and they promised me they where trying to sort it, I raised a grievance against the company stating, discrimination as 1000s of others had access to this including all my manager peers, actually nobody I knew of in the business had access to it except me.

Also I stated that they had put me in a bad state of health due to the fact that they didn't give me the same opportunities as other colleagues which has financially impacted me. As I should have my my Depression debts paid off

I have subsequently have had to go off on the sick and my therapist is furious that an avoidable thing has set me back.

So my grievance was from Mid June to end of August. I received my grievance outcome by email, no phone call to explain. just an email on a Friday afternoon. I mailed back asking why he has not called me and he just ignored me all day which infuriated me as he just left me scratching my head with more questions than I started with.

He brought up things from the beginning of 2019 and then the beginning of 2020 saying how the company has supported you and when you returned earlier in the year you finished at 3pm instead of a full shift , which was a lie as I left the office at 3pm to collect my kids then i would complete the rest of my shift at home. Which was difficult as I did not have a phone line i could use as the system wasn't sorted for me. Most days working well past my agreed hours to help support collages using my personal phone, but for security purposes I had to have a work line as the calls are recorded to speak to customers.

He also said that it was my fault I was in debt not Barclays ( still confused why he said that as I never once said that, I used the term depression debt as context to say what i had told my manager. At no point did I blame the company for the debts) He said that I should have done more, I chased 8 plus times I genuinely dont know what the magic number is to have done enough is.

He said that front line staff where a priority over me even though in his words " even though other leaders you know have the access"

I had explained to him that by the time I did get access My mental health had been affected and I was struggling to get out of bed, He said i should have done more hours when It did eventually get sorted

He told me I have not been discriminated against as I could have come into the office to do overtime, even though I explained my situation. So i physically could not come into the office and was not allowed to come into the office after 8pm. So i dont know when I could have done this

This had lead me so far backwards on a mental health level I was considering suicide, then an old friend of mine smoke weed so i visited him and it helps so I have been smoking that all the time to help. But I DO NOT want to smoke weed or any form of drugs. I had been Ttotal all year and was very proud. I never took drugs but I never had a drink at all .

Now I cant get buy a couple of hours without needing a smoke, its taking over me finically and I'm at a point where the high is not enough to keep me going anymore.

My leader also hand picked the person who did the grievance, and I have a feeling the person listening to my appeal is also in their group which concerns me.

Instead of being in a better financial position and looking forward to Christmas. Im in a worse, much worse position.

Someone please help, I have probably missed loads out but from what you can read please help

Thank you

Also on one call with my manager I explained I needed to go to rehab as I was just about to tell her that I had a drug Issue which was nerve wrecking for me, she hung up on me and didn't try to reach out again for 2 weeks at which point I did tell her about my drug issue and she told me she thought that was that case when we last spoke but she just left it for 2 weeks.

My mental health issues started really bad in early Sept when I couldn't take it any more and they have only just arranged OH to call me for support last week knowing the whole time my situation

I feel that I have been mentally and emotionally abused and neglected by a company I have worked for over 8 years and loved up until this point

They have pretty much ripped my life apart

Also this is a company that promotes colleague wellbeing and speaking out when something is not right.

Also promoting talking about mental health. Yet as soon I have said its your fault I'm like this. They have left me to rot and this experience has lead me to second guess ever talking about my issues again. This is why I feel safe in a forum
Sounds like the company you worked for is a good company. They haven't fired you. This site is for U.S. laws.... sorry I hope you get your life figured out.