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I was let go 5 years ago due to my contract expiring (what I was told) and I just found out my file states that I am not rehirable although I have been working almost three years for this company as a contractor. I would like to know if I have any recourse? I had a couple of very promising job opportunities that fell through prior to getting my current contract and I believe it had something to due with the "Not Rehirable" status in my file. I have contacted the HR department and they told me I would need a subpoena in order to get a copy of my file.
No, you do not. There is no law addressing this issue or that would require the employer to change your status.

And yes, it is correct that a subpoena would be necessary to get a copy of your records. There is no law in Florida that requires the employer to even let you view your personnel file, let alone give you copies of anything. And even if they did, and you found something you didn't like or agree with, they STILL wouldn't have to change your records.
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Shouldn't I have been at least told and made aware of any letter in my file?
That would have been nice of the employer, unfortunately there is no law that holds employers accountable for being nice.
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