Perjury and the falsification of identity in order to harm a child

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Before XXXXXX, New York, perjured themselves the following biographical details were on their company website – a copy of this has already been submitted to the court and can be again. The same facts were reiterated by Bloomberg reports and archives – these are public documents and can be easily accessed. His name was also linked toXXXXX and TTTTTTT, New York. Bloomberg is a highly respected news agency of world renown - in fact, Yorkville Capital Management lists them as one of their strategic partners. According to Bloomberg, Nicholas Jenks is still employed by REDACTED, New York. (copy of printout included).

The REDACTED official website indicated that redacted had been the head of the Democratic Republic branch of USAID in Goma. The man who headed the Democratic Republic of Congo branch of USAID in Goma at this time is my son's father. He was transferred from Maputo, Mozambique to the DRC the month his son was born - July 2002. He was introduced to me in 1992 in my family home in Zimbabwe by a 'friend' of my aunt who was a Unicef educationalist. He is the only Nicholas Jenks who (who did) and could have tested positive in a paternity test - that there can be another begs logic and insults intelligence.

I accurately identified the defendant using the details listed onREDACTED website. It was the way I started the case from Zimbabwe - email confirmation can be submitted. I had to borrow the money to start the Washington dc case from Zimbabwe – postage of documents included. Zimbabwe (the land of my birth and family home) was in economic free fall.

I fought incredibly hard for what was just and what was right. My son suffered from early childhood apraxia and then had to adjust to a huge change in his education when we moved continents. He needed his mother. I, (his mother) was exhausted because I had to work twelve hour shifts trying to keep abreast of bills. Ralph still needs help and guidance which is being denied to him due to inadequate child maintenance. We went to church but circumstances have forced me to start working Sundays. I have been fed lies I am in debt - not big debt - enough to have been created by insufficient, sporadic child maintenance. My aunt who bankrupted herself supporting my son and I in a country in economic free fall is desperate to see us - I can't make it. No just legal decision can be reached because the UK Court and I are being lied to.

When I started the case from Zimbabwe (2012/2013) it was indicated to me that it should go through Washington dc. This was verified by the federal paternity finder (?). This case was delayed despite the immediate and urgent need of a mother and child in a very vulnerable country. Then, it was dismissed on the grounds of being the 'wrong state' . No thought was given to the best interests of the child. By this time I had managed to immigrate to the UK and I handed the case over to the UK Courts. I ignorantly did not believe that a US Court would (so blatantly) offer misinformation to a UK Court.

The financial statement given by XXXXXXXX in this subsequent case through South Carolina is in horrific contrast to the information given to the Washington dc court. (A copy of this transcript was given to the English court). Washington dc has apparently lost this transcript but I am happy and willing to supply them with a copy. A copy is enclosed please pay special attention to paragraph 11.

No proper investigations into the defendants (CCCCCCC financial status) were undertaken by South Carolina at the request of the UK court and the truth was not revealed. The UK has asked whether I want to transfer this case to New York. I feel that New York is better equipped to deal with VVVVVVV situation and duplicity as he works for a company there. I would also personally prefer to be represented by New York as I feel my trust in South Carolina has been shattered. But moving the case is a perilous thing to do while QQQQQQQ real financial identity is being so assiduously hidden.


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I'm going to be honest with you - this case of yours is complicated, crosses multiple countries and continents and I can't follow all of the details. This is not something which help can be obtained from a legal forum as we are just observers from a distance.

I don't know what "dangerous links" means other than those which point to a website which may be infected with a virus. I wish you the best of luck with your legal case and am disappointed we could not be of further assistance.
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