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Peace Officer fired but I won my appeal and the Appellate Court upheld my win

Discussion in 'Termination: Firing & Resignation' started by Anonymous2019, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Anonymous2019

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    I was a Peace Officer and was fired for invoking my POBAR rights. I had been the victim of retaliation and harassment for 10 years. I was a whistle blower and an injured employee when I was fired. I was nearly 50 years old and a military veteran. Official records prove that I was the best employee in my unit. I was also the #1 ranked candidate when hired in 1997. I was forcibly transferred when I used the Civil Service Commission to right a wrong in 2004/2005. After I asked for help from the Commission I was forcibly transferred to a desk assignment and denied transfer for more than a decade even though the Commission ruled in my favor in 2005. I won the battle but lost the war, so to speak. I still excelled in my job but was eventually fired after I had been injured and asked for a continuance when filing a court report. When faced with possible discipline I invoked POBAR. My POBAR rights were denied me. I later learned the Deputy Chief had conspired with a Manager to deny my rights when she told the Manager to not let me record their interrogation. When I invoked POBAR I was suspended. My employer sought felony charges against me because after I was verbally and in writing threatened with termination I alerted all present that I was invoking POBAR and would record the incident.Over management objection I recorded the incident/suspension, as was my right. I was escorted out of the building never to return.
    Discovery was withheld from me and my original attorney proceeded without any discovery. I later learned via official documents that the Manager who suspended me had misled the Civil Service Commission while under oath. I had appealed my termination to the Civil Service Commission but they upheld the termination. They were wrong to uphold the termination as they did not understand the law and admitted as much on record during the Hearing. I appealed their ruling to the Superior Court and I won.
    Since then the County CEO has initiated an investigation into the Manager's possible perjury. Also the CA State Bar is currently investigating the County Counsel Attorney for ethics violations.
    I appealed my termination before the Superior Court and I won. My employer appealed my Superior Court win and the Appellate Court ruled in my favor. Two wins!
    I was totally victimized by my government employer. I am at the point where the employer wants to settle this case with me. Of course they do because they are liable for huge financial losses. My attorney has done a great job and he wants to get paid the balance due him. I paid $13,000 up front with much more $$ for a win - with full back pay. So far I have not been returned to work nor have I received a penny.
    I want my attorney to be paid immediately. I will not agree to waive any future litigation so this may throw a wrench in the settlement talks. I want the government employer to pay punitive damages and pay ALL my financial losses which resulted from this injustice.
    Do you believe I have a case for punitive damages?
    If you are serious about taking this case to the next level then please reach out. I can send you the Court decisions etc. and you will see that I was totally abused by a vindictive group of bureaucrats who were upset that I first sought help from the Civil Service Commission when the wanted to dock my pay (I won) then later stood up to their retaliation years later. There is also a pending Work Comp case and my employer has accepted fault for the injury. I have had one surgery already.
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    Lawyers don't come here looking for clients. You won't find one that way.

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  3. hrforme

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    "I want my attorney to be paid immediately. I will not agree to waive any future litigation so this may throw a wrench in the settlement talks."

    why are you searching for an attorney if you already have one? They should be the one guiding you through the process.

    you aren't going to receive anything until you either settle or go to court and win.

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