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Put a non-refundable deposit of $500 for a truck that was already transit from the factory to the dealer, which they said was 45 days until arrival estimate. Long story short, I was told in the middle of my current lease that I had to take it back to them if I decide to finance, lease again, or turn in. This is why I gave the deposit because I needed a Carano wasn't going to another sealer. Well did some research and seen that I can go through any toyota dealer and started running numbers. I should be paying lower. Found same truck another dealer that was arriving next day. I made the decision to get the truck knowing if i lost the deposit from the other dealer, that i could make up for it with the lower monthly payments in 5 to 6 months. Made the deal, picked it up next day. Went to try and see what they would do about my deposit from other dealer. Said non-refundable of course but I went home and looked at what I signed.

Well, maybe I'm looking too much into this but it says they need $1000 to reserve the vehicle. If they took $500 and not $1000 did they actually reserve the vehicle for me even though though the condition says they need $1000 non-refundable deposit? The salesman said $500 now and $500 when the truck comes in because I already told him I didn't want to put any money down. The way I see this is, I need to put down $1000 to reserve it.
I uploaded the contract

Appreciate any advice!


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Receipts and cc statement

There's no doubt that you paid the $500 but your question was.

did they actually reserve the vehicle for me

In other words, did the truck arrive? Did they set it aside for you so nobody else could buy it? That's what taking it out of inventory and reserving it for you means.

If that's what you want to know you'll have to contact the dealer to find out. Couldn't hurt to ask for your $500 back. You might not get it but you won't know until you ask. The dealer isn't going to lose any money on the truck. He'll get it sold.