Neighbor Dispute and Harassment

Brynn Madore

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My boyfriend and I live in a house that was turned into three apartments. Over a week ago, the upstairs neighbors threatened my boyfriend. They also tried to hit my car, blocking us and the other neighbors from parking in the driveway, blocked me and the other neighbor on the street, have banged on the floors so loud that the walls shook, along with some other things. The main concern is with the internet. Because it's a house there is a auxiliary cord cable plugged in that controls the power for the internet and cable for all three unit, which happens to be in their unit. Two days in a row the internet and cable went out, and Xfinity said they could see something was tampered with. My boyfriend tested the power connection and found that the power had been cut off. This happened twice, only when the neighbor left. The neighbor admitted in the phone to my boyfriend and our other neighbor that her daughter unplugged the cable. The other issue is that we share internet with the upstairs neighbor. Per the advisement of our landlord, we asked the upstairs neighbor to get their own internet. That night she responded with good idea. Now she is trying to say that she had made a double payment. Both my boyfriend and I can confirm that "double payment" was half for the internet and half for feeding their horses while they were gone, however, it's a hearsay situation as their is no texts about it. We then offered to just send the money back but she said no. We wanted to know what we can do to protect ourselves here because we want to cut contact with them. Additionally, I want to add that they have a TV box that if they don't return or damaged my boyfriend would be fined for. Also, the internet is in our name and the landlord is aware of everything, but hasn't done anything.
We wanted to know what we can do to protect ourselves here because we want to cut contact with them.

The best solution is probably going to be the one you won't consider.

The lives saved could be yours and your male friend's.

Yours isn't a legal matter, its more of an avoidance of death or great bodily harm issue.

Subhuman primates can chimp out anytime and slaughter innocent human beings.

Get out of the dangerous, violent predicament as quick as your landlord will allow.

It might cost you money, but it'll likely save your lives, or prevent you from suffering great, bodily harm.

Going forward, never rent anything that doesn't provide you COMPLETE privacy.

One never knows when a subhuman primate chimps out, breaking all the evil out of hell!!!
You didn't ask a question, so I'm not sure what the purpose of your post is, but you need to discuss the situation with the landlord and ask to have it rectified. Otherwise, I suggest seeking a new place to live.