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    What can I do legally about a noisy neighbor

    Everyone signed a lease about a noise ordinance after 9pm till 9am. States no music, no loud talking, no moving furniture etc. This neighbor has been quiet throughout the day. Early mornings and late nights he moves furniture, walks heavy, drops heavy things that hit the floor. I've complained...
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    private shared road damaged by neighbor after i fixed road 6 months ago.

    I live at the end of a private gravel road. The road is about 1/4 of a mile long total. There is only myself, at the very end, and 1 other person, at the very front, that uses this road. Land in between is owned by various other parties and is vacant land. I have an easement to drive the...
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    Case against neighbor for fence damage from fallen tree

    During a storm 2 weeks ago my neighbors tree branch fell on my fence damaging it in several place (as well as his). The tree branch that fell off the tree was rotten. We don’t really get along with this neighbor but he came over and was being very nice and it seemed like he was going to take...
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    Buying Part of a Neighbor's Property

    I am in the process of buying a part of my neighbor's property. 1. Can any of the emails that we have been sending back and forth be considered a letter of intent? What would need to be in the email for it to be treated as a letter of intent? 2. Is it possible for my neightbor to steal my...
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    House windows broken from neighbors kids

    My neighbor kids broke my house windows they ment to do itthey 10 years old and under outside at 10pm at night they need to pay for damages and they doing it to others people house too what can I do I already got the police involved
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    Neighbor Dispute and Harassment

    My boyfriend and I live in a house that was turned into three apartments. Over a week ago, the upstairs neighbors threatened my boyfriend. They also tried to hit my car, blocking us and the other neighbors from parking in the driveway, blocked me and the other neighbor on the street, have banged...
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    Neighbor from Hell

    Hello, my question is, What do I have to do to get my neighbor out of my business? I've filed Police Reports (to which I was informed that no such technology exists, after showing hard copies of my neighbor charging items to my debit card), neighbor even left message on the receipt saying: Free...
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    Legal Question regarding Sewer Line

    I apologize in advance for the long post but I want everyone reading this to have the details. I have a turn of the century triplex in old town that is fully occupied. My sewer line for this property exits out the back of the property, turns and runs for about 70 feet on my property and then...