Giving Notice moved out but being forced to pay a month to month lease


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My husband and I live in Houston and recently moved out of our apartment. While we lived in our apartment we had a letter outside our door in January saying our lease was up in March and we needed to renew our lease or sign a paper saying that we were moving out (60 days notice). We knew we were going to move out in the middle of March so we went to the office and initialed a paper saying we were NOT renewing our lease, and we understand that if we do not move out by March 31st we would pay a month to month lease. When we signed and initialed that paper we asked if there was anything else we needed to sign and they said no, that's all they needed from us. We also called back a few weeks later to check up on everything, and they said no, we didn't need to do anything else. We asked AGAIN two weeks before we moved out if we had to do anything else (clean, turn in keys, check for packages, sign anything) and they said no, we were good to go. We asked 3 separate times and each time they said the same thing, we had nothing else to do before we moved out.
However when I turned in the keys to the office they told me we never gave a final 60 day notice, and the paper we initialed was just saying that we knew we would have to pay month to month if we didn't renew our lease. They are saying we are going to have to pay 60 days of rent (even though we are already in a new home) and there was nothing we can do about it. We tried to ask to speak to a property manager and they told us that this has happened before and the other tenants also ended up having to pay so we just might as well pay up.
How can this be legal?! Is there anything we can do?
You can wait until they sue you, assuming they do sue you.
Then you go to court, take your PROOF, and defend their allegations.
This isn't legal or illegal, its a simple, civil dispute.
You can pay or wait & see if they sue you - they might & they might not. There is no way to know for sure. If they do sue, you will need to take to court whatever proof you have that you do not owe any additional rent. That's about it.