Negligence, Other Injury mother of triplets stays out all night drinking

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Should social services get involved if a young mother leaves her 4 kids at home with a 12 year old sitter while she drinks all night every nigh
Has teh 12 year old failed to take care of childrens needs or left them in danger? Where i think 12 is too young to babysit its not unheard of
Generally, a 12 year old is fine babysitting younger kids.

If Mom is going out drinking every night, perhaps the other parent should get involved. Jes' sayin'.
OP, if you believe a child is in danger or being neglected, report it to your local police agency via "911".
The police will investigate and can get other agencies involved.
The most important thing is, they'll remove the children and ensure they aren't in harm's way.
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