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Mother n law refusing me access to my belongings

Discussion in 'Divorce, Separation, Annulment' started by Kristy fleming, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Kristy fleming

    Kristy fleming Law Topic Starter Guest

    My husband and I are getting a divorce,his mother rented a storage unit to store our things til we moved,and now she is refusing to let me get my things because she wants our marriage license. My name is not on the unit.I've called her several times and she will not return my calls. She went out of state for a few months and took the key with her, she changed the lock.how can I get my belongings from inside?
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    This is between you and your soon to be ex.

    If you or he has already filed the divorce petition you can file a motion with the court to have him ordered to return your items to you. Then he'll be in contempt of court if he doesn't.

    If you or he has not already filed the divorce petition I suggest you get it filed ASAP.

    Otherwise, trying to deal with your mother-in-law is not going to get you your stuff back any time soon.

    As for your marriage license, it's none of her business. Even if you sent her a photo copy she's still unlikely to cooperate with you.
  3. leslie82

    leslie82 Well-Known Member

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    Why does she want your marriage license? That's weird.
  4. cynthiag

    cynthiag Active Member

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    Wanting the marriage license makes no sense.

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