Premises Liability Motel reponsible for burglary?

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I was living in this motel efficiency for 2 years and I had a lot of studio music equipment that was stolen due to a break in, Along with my jewelry, and a few hundred dollars. Is the motel responsible for my loss? There was no signs posted anywhere stating that they were not responsible. Although I never signed a lease of any kind I resided there for 2 years with no problems. A few days before I moved, my apartment gets robbed and vandalized. I've lost $12,000.00 worth of equipment. Are they liable or responsible in any way? :confused:
It depends on the circumstances and any laws and agreements. First of all you would have to find out what your state's law says about the liability, especially since this was a long term rental agreement and not your typical "motel stay." Then you would have to look if you signed any agreement that waived any liability. Last then, you would have to look if there are any negligence or other issues on the side of the landlord that might make him liable. I would not hang my hopes high on a case like this.
I cannot see how they would be responsible. They do not guarantee your security when you stay there.

A sign is not needed to tell you they are not responsible for items.

Renters insurance would have likely covered all of your losses.

It would be a longshot for you to recover anything, but if you can prove they were negligent you might get somewhere.
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