Mohammed an Afghan Interpreter Helped Rescue Biden, Kerry, & Hagel in 2008 Stranded in Afghanistan

As Trump wasn't removed under the 25th Amendment despite his possible mental issues, I doubt Biden will be. But even if that occurs, the result wouldn't be reinstatement of Trump. It would make Harris president instead.
The only way Trump becomes president is to win reelection and I did not even touch on that subject. Don't make it sound like I think that Trump could ever be reinstated. He can't.

What mental issues did Trump have? You keep making statements like that with nothing behind them. On the other hand, Biden has real mental issues. All you have to do is watch him. There isn't an original thought in his head. His handlers put him in front of a teleprompter and he reads. He can't even do that without screwing it up. But you keep making excuses for him.

I'm pretty confident you have no real clue as to Biden's mental and physical conditions.

And nor do you have any clue as to Trumps mental and physical conditions or Biden's. But I have eyes and ears and I'll drawer my own conclusions and wait to see what unfolds.
While depth-perception issues can occur in dementia patients, that's hardly the sole reason for them. For example, I'm legally blind in one eye due to an accident. I can often compensate, but every now and again... well, hello floor/stair/wall...

Fact is, none of us really know what health issues either President may/may not have. It's pure speculation.
Due to a visual defect that I have had since birth, I don't see in three dimensions anyway. Seeing in three dimensions is not a pre-requisite.

According to at least one doctor I have talked to, Trump has more actual symptoms of dementia than Biden does.

The sad part is that you actually believe this. How is racist Joe working out for you all. White unemployment down, Hispanic/ Black unemployment at record highs. Looks like your narrative from the MSM isn't working out too well. Not to mention roughly 65% of all illegals Biden lets in take at least one welfare program compared to 35% native's use these programs.

Employment probably doesn't matter to his supporters though, just as long as you can keep fleecing programs going.
Back up those statistics, why don't you? And in what way are they relevant to dementia symptoms?
Welfare Use by Legal and Illegal Immigrant Households

done, I guess I should just attach everything as a source product since it would be easy for you all to understand. Somehow you all would love to twist these numbers as well. Doubt you care if you voted for Puddin Head Commie Joe and the every present political Hoe who slept her way to the top.

Or... perhaps it won't follow your storyline?

Biden loads illegal immigrants up with welfare, free legal services, free healthcare

When your own liberal media reports it, it must be true right?

Again, Facts are not my story line. I mean Biden said who he was and want he was going to do. I figure if you support that then you must be woke person willing to apologize for America and give everything away. You all are doing a good job, must be why your leaders are buying islands and moving to New Zealand. They don't want to be here either when the chit hits the fan.
So you can't provide anything current to support your stance. That's pretty much what I thought.