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Misused Funds

Discussion in 'Workers Compensation' started by classic454321, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. classic454321

    classic454321 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I work for a State Funded Company. The Company was found under investigation for Mis-using funds for another endeavor. The funds were from the State and were specifically designed for State worker's salaries.

    They hid this from the Workers by doing three things:

    1. A 3 Year Reclassification of Employee Titles and Payscales
    2. A New Position Creation Freeze - Until the Reclassification Process was Finished
    3. Reworking Performance Appraisals so that all Employees would restart at Mid Level

    Even though the State has caused almost all heads of the Company from the Board Chairman to the President to resign. They seem to still not only be keeping up with their Fund misdirection with the employees. While they have given the titles out, they have not given any raises out and say there is an even longer period before they can finish this very publicly addressed Ruse of Title and Pay Reclassification, and by Public, I mean by Newspaper, many newspapers.

    My question is, even after being investigated by the State and given Punishment, what should workers do if they are still continuing with the deceptive practice?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    No adult has the authority to tell other adults in the United States of America to do, or to refrain from doing anything.

    We are all citizens, not subjects, of this great nation.

    As citizens, all of us are presumed equal under the eyes of the law.

    If you seek legal advice about your employment situation that can only be obtained by hiring an attorney of our choice licensed to ply her trade in the state of Florida.

    If one finds oneself in a tumultuous, onerous, predicament self preservation would dictate to remove yourself from any such plight.

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