Missing Soldier

That story has a dateline of 12:16 PM CDT July 1, 2020. That's only about 30 minutes before Army Judge posted his "on the lam" post.

There are TWO in custody, one was snatched up last evening (estranged spouse of the one on the lam).

My sources are saying that the one on the lam was "chaptered" for some conduct unbecoming and other deficiencies.

One source says the estranged female spouse is being held in protective custody.
Some say this is a ring of perverts.
Some say it was only 2 perverts, the one who suicided, and the one on the lam.

My beloved Texas Rangers claim to have nabbed the one on the lam.

I respect all law enforcement agencies, but I have the greatest admiration and utmot respect for my Texas Rangers.
I wonder how the BLM folks account for this guy offing himself this way.

One of the rumors circulating on the various UNSOCIAL media sites goes: Aaron was being set up by a very powerful high ranking white man. The white man was involved in a ring of sexual sadists and traffickers. As a very powerful and high ranking military type, the white man ordered Aaron to take the fall, as in "take it for the team".

It is being said as Aaron placed the pistol to head: I'm not killing me, a powerful white man is forcing me to kill myself."

As I said, its a rumor circulating.

Still trying to find Aaron's spouse, as that is the female in custody.
A low ranking, powerless white male was also arrested pursuant to these events.
It is yet to be learned what charges these two anonymous people are facing.