Mercedes Benz Discrimination, poor treatment, anxiety and financial lost

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I own a 1998 Mercedes Benz .


Two weeks arrived. No word or communication from David Cohen (my assigned service provider)

I finally heard from him a few days later after complaining and coming to the dealership to speak about my vehicle. ( why does it take all of the search and finding ?)

When I finally got a hold of David a month later he has an attitude towards me for inquiring about my vehicle , I explained to him with tears in my eyes of the barriers that I am facing.

I feel insane for undergoing depression for how I feel after paying for services that Mercedes guaranteed me within a certain timeframe, and still I have not received what I paid for. I asked David for my car and money back so I can go elsewhere and "he told me no, that's impossible because the car is all the way in the back of the car lot yard and the foreman is on vacation".

To not escalate things any further I decided to compromise with Mercedes and be patient after speaking further about backups and delays.

I feel discriminated against due to being African American and Transgender. Every time I interact with staff at Mercedes it is often not helpful at all, with looks of disgust, and the reluctancy to help me, meanwhile everyone else around is getting helped clearly in my face. There are a lot of business that are under investigation for this kind of treatment and I hope that dtla Mercedes (certified) isn't like those other businesses.

I purchased a Mercedes Benz based on their "Guidelines and policies stating :

• Manage customer inquiries and/or concerns escalated from, but not limited to, these sources: phone, Executive Management, Case Managers, Customer Care, Roadside Assistance, email, fax, white mail. Concerning, but not limited to, the following categories: product, service, recalls, sales, warranty, legal issues, public relations, various media, technical and engineering issues, warranty, marketing and special projects.

• Accurately document and update customer/vehicle information in MBUSA internal customer data systems. Ensure complete documentation of customer contact with corrections and updates, as required.

Research all aspects of escalated cases while determining the need to involve dealerships and/or the Field. Includes, but is not limited to: investigation of customer and vehicle details, outreach to necessary departments, dealerships and Field personnel.

· Not having a vehicle has left me unsafe taking public transportation making me extremely vulnerable to hate crimes with-in the city.

· Not having my vehicle left me paying high transportation cost to and from work everyday. (I can provide documents).

· Mercedes has caused me to be late for work for over 3 months due to no transportation, putting me at risk for loosing my job. Attached in the email, is my boss. (Documentation purposes).

Expected resolution: Trade in a vehicle to me, $0.00 cost


THE interwebz are notorious for bad actors.

Why was no loaner vehicle offered?

Probably because you tendered to the dealership your 25 year old vehicle. Newer vehicles tend to receive priority over older ones.

However, I am simply one of millions of internet dudes, barely noticeable, I suggest you pose ALL of your concerns via WRITTEN correspondence to the owner of the dealership, with copies to the supreme-high-muckity-muck-potentate of customer service in the USA, along with any number of "c" level executives you desire.

As you've indicated you have an attorney on retainer, I'd ask him/her to handle ALL of your issues.

Regrettably, an internet legal forum can do very little for you, other than to commiserate with you, and allow you to vent.

When you have REAL legal issues, you require a REAL attorney, licensed to practice law in the state where you reside.
I'm recommending that your original post be deleted due to the personal information you shared.

I will say that you didn't buy the car from Mercedes Benz, so they are likely to be of limited assistance.

Also, I'm not sure what your question even is...I don't see one posed to us in your entire post.
I don't practice law in California but from what I remember of its consumer protection laws this shop has probably violated at least one of them. A complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs might get you at least an acceptable outcome without having to spend any money. The page I linked has button for filing complaints. My internet search also turned up a number of CA district attorney pages stating they handle consumer complaint cases too. Try asking your county's district attorney about what help it may be able to provide.
I own a 1998 Mercedes Benz .


Two weeks arrived.

Seems like there's a heck of a lot of information meant to go where the ellipses are that might make this post make some sense. It sounds like this has something to do with a car repair situation...?

I explained to him with tears in my eyes of the barriers that I am facing.


I purchased a Mercedes Benz based on their "Guidelines and policies stating :

None of this has any legal relevance. You didn't purchase the vehicle from the manufacturer. You purchased it from a dealer, and it's a 15 year old car, so there are not going to be any manufacturer's warranties in effect.

If you have any actual evidence of the alleged discrimination, then you may have a viable legal claim. I'd suggest you retain the services of a local attorney. At the very least, the attorney may be able to help you get your car back. If I'm right about this having something to do with car repair, you should also reach out to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.