Mental Health Thread #9 - Spring is Coming!

I hate it when employees seem to think it's their job to second-guess what the boss really wants or whether the boss is right in what they are telling them. I hear fairly often from either a frustrated manager who's dealing with someone like that, or an employee who thinks that have to check with me constantly to make sure their manager knows what he or she is talking about. Usually they are fairly subtle when they ask me but I remember one who actually asked me if their manager could tell them to do things a certain way or if they were just "throwing their weight around".
I just had another situation where I wrote a note "refund to customer when deal is funded." Deal is funded, she hasn't done the refund. Her story "oh, I thought I had to wait for ...." And we're looking at the note. It's in plain English. It's black and white. I doesn't say wait for anything else. DON'T THINK!
I don't want to put the details on here but if you could spare any prayers or good thoughts, I have 2 employees who could really use them.
Sending prayers & good thoughts for the employees who need them.
I hear you - just going to take a little time to get used to the changes. :)
When you only have 10 working days to interview and train someone's replacement, it's really not helpful for someone to forget to publish your ad. Twice.
And the resume fun begins " I am a prevailing applicant looking for a career-based position that will exemplify my education and work history." Huh?
You have to read between the lines. :)
I know I don't post on here regularly, but I do enjoy reading all the questions and comments that come thru. I haven't seen activity like normal and am starting to think everyone moved to a different forum.
Just busy. New employees and other employees doing new things and one on vacation. I have very little hair left.
What about the rest of you - busy or is your "mental health" fine?
Busy. Very, very busy. My immediate boss's father recently passed away and he's had to be away dealing with that; his immediate boss has been on vacation and that happened just at the time our OE temp started. Suddenly it was my circus and they were my monkeys. Things should normalize after Labor Day.
Stupid guy asks me to send him the FedEx tracking number for a package sent out yesterday to our mutual client. He emails me this morning asking if the package will be sent today. Well if you would have checked on the tracking number that you insisted you had to have, then you would see that it went out yesterday and has already been delivered today!