Medical support


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I legally signed adoption papers on May 13 2013 of my daughter to my sister and her husband. Since June 2014 my employer has been enforced to have me pay health insurance by 2 different court orders. Am I legally obliged to have to carry health insurance on her when I signed the adoption paper? I have a copy of the court order and approval of adoption
Your employer doesn't give a hoot who you cover. You may be obligated to provide coverage from someone (typically a child or former spouse after a divorce), but your employer would not know this nor would they receive a court order to force you to cover that person on their health plan. If ordered to pay for insurance, you could buy an individual policy to satisfy the order. If the child is truly adopted by someone else, the child is no longer yours and is a legal stranger. Is this truly an adoption or just guardianship? What court ordered you to cover the child and how did that come to pass? Courts don't just order things without some sort of motion or charge being filed.