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I need help and nobody seems to wanna help! January 2021 ended up in the ER @ the University of Colorado. Shortness of breath along with chest pain. Studies were obtain heart catheterization, blood work etc. For the first 6 months I saw my primary cards doctor and the surgeon.
The surgeon felt that more testing to be performed bc he felt from the prior test that I suffered from valvular cardiomyopathy. The surgeon even went on record twice (documented) in my chart but the board made up of doctors and other health care providers said no.
I was then sent to the heart failure doctor and was told that I needed a heart transplant but I was considered "high risk" because of having cancer @ age 16. In this first year I was let go from a 27 yr career @ Children's hospital in their cardiac intensive care unit, cashed out my retirement, sold my classic car etc.
2022 I met with Cedars-sini hospital in La per the request of the University. I flew down for an interview, blood work and ultrasound with an echo ( this is all). Cedars-sini only went off test results from the University hospital but none on their own.
In the 1st year I had multiple cardiac catheterization, put on tons of new medication and several emergency room visits. From 2022 to 2023 I again had multiple cardiac catheterization along with admissions and had gone into kidney failure requiring 2/3 trips to be brought in via EMS. Those two times I almost arrested. During all these events each physician would tell me that there was nothing that they could do for me since I needed a heart. Over this year I have lost almost 90 lbs, and kidney damage which they said I would need now a heart and kidney.
At this point I have missed several special events with my kids, my relationship put on palliative care with up to 10 mgs of morphine every 4 hours with long lasting tramadol/24. Then start on fentanyl patch and worked up to 75mgs. I would sleep 20-22 hrs a day and rarely ate.
I had discussed with now my girlfriend about just going on hospice care. It just so happened that my father was seeing his primary cards doctor and was introduced to another heart failure doctor. With in 2 weeks I flew down and landed in the hospital requiring more testing .
During this time my records from Colorado and California hospitals were requested. During the combing through my chart it was noted that the original surgeon had documented what he thought was wrong and the required surgical fix's.
Repeated cardiac catheterization performed along with a cardiac MRI. I met with the surgeon to discuss what was found. My heart is "normal" in size, "normal" cardiac output, "poor Aortic valve with mitral valve leaking". Sack around the heart normal and heart muscle was "Not" enlarged!!
I know longer am in need of a transplant but an Aortic valve replacement just like the surgeon 3 years ago. How can this happen! What most don't know that the average life span of a transplant is 1-3-5-10 yrs. The medication that has to be taken usually causes cancer as well. These two big companies could have cost me not only my life but my childrens well being.
I know that theirs gotta be someone not scared to standup to these two companies! Please help!
Personal information removed to protect your privacy.
Please don't post personal information, Sgt. Friday was wont to say, "The facts, just the facts."

I had also forgotten to say that I'm now oxygen dependent and have been for almost 2 years.
And when you contacted a medical malpractice attorney, or two, or three, and described your situation, what did they say?
Well it's been more than 2 yrs true. But I've been suffering for 3 and what about the loss of my career. They just say they are not interested or can't do it.
O.. My thoughts were that lawyers would read through this form and possibly reach out if they were able to help you. Any suggestions??
The rules of the message board do not allow referrals, and reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients.

Call your state Bar Association, your local Legal Aide or any law schools in your area for referrals.
Medical malpractice is a specialized field, you probably need a heart surgeon turned attorney or a group of medical doctors who went into law. Lots of experts, lots of examinations and lots of money.

Good luck with it.
This thread was started and ended on 2/24/2024 before your post above. I think the odds of the OP coming back now to see it are not great, but if they do I agree that they need a medical malpractice attorney and that medical malpractice cases are expensive to litigate.