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I have a judgment from May 2007 from Discover Bank for almost $6000. I am currently trying to buy a house and that judgment is the only thing thats stopping me from getting a mortgage. Other than it my credit report looks good. So my question is do I try and pay off the judgment or do I wait and see if it comes off of my credit report? I've also read about companies that have lawyers that "fix" credit and am tempted to try one but I don't know whether that's the best thing or not. Bottom line - I made some huge mistakes financially when I was younger and now I'm paying the price. I want a house. I have my life together. I have a career which provides a good income. I just can't do what I want to do because of this judgment. Please help!!!!!!
Credit "fixers" are SCAMMERS.

I suggest you investigate when the judgment will age off.

You can inquire of the credit bureau.

However, many judgments are renewed and don't just disappear.

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If there is already a judgment you are pretty much hosed. Unlike negative credit marks that expire automatically, judgments can be renewed and follow you a very long time.
You may need to contact Discover or the agency that now owns the debt and see about negotiating a settlement.
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