John doe



The law states the employer cannot interfere with or restrain a person from exercising their rights under fmla.

About a year ago policy at my job has changed if mid work day we must leave fmla we have to go to h.r. wich is about 1/2 mile or more walk round trip I timed it at 13min steady walk each way.... as time goes on there's more and more of a problem that management cannot provide us with a ride over there.... it's a big factory.... it's well known they just make us do it to detour us from leaving...... they ask 2 questions why are you leaving and where a're you going that's it and they won't let us call we have to be thete in person.
recently what they have been doing is leaving us to work on the line for 20 to 45 minutes while their supposidly trying to find a cart to drive us over. Then tell us sorry you have to walk ...

Is this legal?
This is a large factory there are carts around!
I'd bet my retirement I'll never see my bosses fat *** walk 1/2 mile to hr.

What can I do?
there's been 3x so far it has taken me about 2 hours to leave... I had to call for a ride I was in so much pain I didn't trust myself driving.

I tried talking to h.r. they said "I know it's rough, it is what it is though... I have nothing for you on that departments shortage of carts"

I just don't know
When an employer implements a rule like this one it is almost always due to employee abuse. I am not saying that you abuse it but if it's a big factory you're hardly going to be the only one on FMLA.

I am not aware of anything in the statute that would prohibit an employer from implementing a rule that HR has to sign off on mid-day call-out.