Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Ive found myself in an unexpected situation and i have no idea what to do... please help.


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Now this all happened so quick, but when im down on some money i usually turn to offerup to post and sell something to make a few extra bucks. Well my most recent transaction went bad. I was trying to sell an old rolex i had from an ex girlfriend and she told me it was real so i took her word for it. after no longer talking to her and i wanted it gone so i posted it and someone wanted to buy it. i met with him and he was acting funny almost like a cop. i then went back not ever selling the watch but then got a text from another account with no reviews and said that i have been reported to the local police. i wasnt trying to do anything illegal but I still managed too.. my question is should i be concerned? Did i break any laws? and what should i do... thanks for the help.
First off, stop trying to sell the watch if you have any reason to believe it is counterfeit.
If the sheriff (or someone else calls) decline to speak to them. If they push the matter, have an attorney present. I can almost guarantee that any attorney will tell you not to speak to them at all.

There are a couple of things that could come out of selling counterfeit items. First, had you actually sold the item, the seller could have pursued you for fraud. You could be charged with criminal fraud because it only takes the misrepresentation "with the intent to sell" Fortunately, the state would need to show you were willfully attempting to deceive the buyer.

Second, it's illegal to purvey counterfeit items. The sheriff's office may defer that to a state investigation (they are funded in part by a federal grant to stop such activities).
Thanks for the response! Do you think i could get in any legal trouble because i didn't even sell the watch or try to make it seem like it was 100 percent authentic? And also, would they need to find the alleged watch i was trying to sell for me to get in trouble?
Look, stop sweating over something that didn't happen and might not happen. The time to sweat is when it does happen. If you are ever contacted by law enforcement say "I'll have my lawyer call you." Practice saying that in the mirror so you can repeat it no matter what anybody says to you. Watch this video to learn why:

Meantime, take the watch to a Rolex specialist and see if it's real or fake. If it turns out to be real pay for a written appraisal that shows the Rolex serial number. If it turns out to be fake, toss it in the trash on the way home.
I agree. It would have to be proven you knew the item was fraudulent.
From what you have provided, that isn't possible. Now that you do know, if you try to sell it you could commit a crime. If you advertise it as a replica you could sell it for much less with no worries.
my question is should i be concerned?

Stop speaking about this incident.

Let sleeping dogs lie (avoid mentioning a situation that is currently causing no problems but might do so as a result of meddling or wondering).

Did i break any laws?

Only after a trial will you know if you broke any laws.
However, if the police come to visit, simply say, "Sorry, I invoke my right to remain silent."
No matter what is said or done, keep repeating the above line.
You can provide your name, date of birth, address, etc, but NOTHING more than name, rank, serial number.