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Introducing Evidence in Custody Hearing - FL

Discussion in 'Alimony & Spousal Support' started by angel4u, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. angel4u

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    OK, so the summary and recommendations from OC have finally come in. They are now saying that I owe $6k in back child support to ex. I don't understand. I was never ordered to pay him any child support ... ever. Our final judgment has him paying child support to me since the divorce. This was never even discussed at the trial.

    How can someone ask for back child support when they were never even awarded any to begin with? He only has her 2 nights a week and has forfeited a lot of that time.

    Also, can OC just put this into the proposed order? She has "snuck" in several things that were not discussed at the trial.

    What is the next step? Do I object to her proposed order?

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