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Internet Attorney needed to protect startup company Trade Secrets

Discussion in 'Copyright, Trademark, Patent Law' started by imthird, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. imthird

    imthird Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hopefully, this is the correct forum category and if it is not, I appologize.

    Here is a brief history of our situation and I preface it that my partner and I need an Internet Specilaist Attoney.

    The letter sent to several attorneys:

    Here is what has happened... Why we need legal advice and or forms to alleviate a possible lawsuit before it happens.

    Back in early Feb 2014, I (David) received an email asking if I wanted to be part of an authors group... The premise was to get
    together and find varyous ways to sell our books and exchange ideas.

    Several days later a girl and I decided that we were the TWO in the group who had a vision and wanted to take the next step and make
    something bigger than just a discussion group looking to do book signings.

    The group including my partner friend decided to have each of us put in $50 to cover costs of domains, servers, software and other tools
    including building a website.

    I David, never put in $50 and never received a penny of this money that was collected. I used my own money for the server, Aweber,
    domains and website, besides the other software.

    Now, my partner (The girl) have an LLC and using a domain name that I, David paid for and hosting.

    The group was sent an email a month ago stating how much money I was having to spend and many said they didn't wish to spend more money,
    some said they didn't believe it was a worthwhile project.

    A couple days ago my partner in our LLC, held a meeting for the original members to discuss things and the members started talking
    about how we decived them and that they should have been told they could have invested in our LLC.

    My partner and I are doing everything with the company and in the original documents, discussed that these members would receive free
    membership in the company and also, we would place them on a rotating basis, so they could receive affiliate commissions when the
    link on the rotator showed them. It will rotate and each person has a 1 in 8 or so chance of coming up on a regular way.

    Here's our (David and my partners) concerns. None of the other members has done anything but show some tips on writing and where
    and how to hold book signings.

    My partner and I have no interest in these 'book signings' and have done all the necessary steps in building a business.

    We want to know whether we have to legally offer the other 6 members of the original group, a stake in the company? If we do, we
    are thinking about asking $10,000 for each who wants to invest. How would be agree to give what percentage for their money.

    The main goal is what do we need to do to protect our interest in the company.

    We would like to solve this problem because with this hanging over our heads (David and partner), we won't launch our business.

    Approximately, 2 months from now it would be ready. We must resolve this nagging issue so they have to either sign a form
    saying, they will invest or if they can not, they were offered the opportunity and couldn't come up with the money or decided
    against putting up the investment.

    We have a list of all emails regarding the going back and forth with the group from the beginning till now.

    Please let us know your rates and what you could do for us to protect what we have.

    Thank you,
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    No attorneys will respond on this forum.

    We do have an attorney "case review" section.
    Here's the link.

    You might just want to disband the group.
    Return all monies, and let it go.
    This is deteriorating rapidly, and it won't work as comprised.
    That's not bad or good, that's often happens.

    No good attorney will touch this for less than a $5,000 retainer.
    No great attorney can prevent anyone from suing you.
    All you can do is aggressively defend any lawsuit.
    Trust me, you don't want to waste years of your life, plus your money, in a stuffy court room.

    You may want investors, but you don't ever want "friends" to invest in your company.
  3. imthird

    imthird Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Army Judge,

    I value everything you have advised me. My partner and I consulted an attorney and agreed to pay them for the documents we need to send the members who are wanting a part of our business. The attorney explained everything to our understanding and believes it will likely solve our issue... Of course if I was talking to you, I am sure you would have come up with the same solution but I left pertinent information out by my mistakes and it may have been possible with ALL the information, you may have seen it a different way. I did get responses from other attorneys and you were correct in your assesments of retainers. $5000 and up. Incidentally, the lawyer called before I saw your message.

    I certainly release the truths you mentioned and we will see what the legal document will do with the other members of the group.

    Thank you Army Judge for taking your time to answer me...

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