International wire transfer through Chase from US to China

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Hello, (this post has some clarification)

I sent an 18000 USD wire from Chase Bank to Bank of Communications on June 15, 2012. Chase says they sent the wire to Bank of Communications. I asked Chase for proof of the transaction in the form of a tracer. Chase bank acts as if they don't know what a tracer is. Also recently Chase decided to close my accounts because they said I pose a risk to them. I have never overdrawn or done anything fradulent. After Chase decided to close my bank accounts, Chase sent me an email on June 22 saying that they got an email from Bank of Communications saying that Bank of Communications put the 18000 into the beneficiariy's account on June 18, 2012. The email I got from Chase showed an incorrect account number that the money was deposited into on June 18, 2012. Then on June 28, 2012 Chase produced another email from the Bank of Communications that said that the Bank of Communications put the money into the correct account on June 18, 2012. It is impossible to put the money into the correct account on June 18, when I brought it to their attention on June 23 that the money was placed into the wrong account. I cannot tell who is lying.

I don't know if the beneficiary actually received the funds and is lying to me. Or I don't know if Chase did not send the funds because they suspect me of fraud and are planning to reimburse me back since they closed my accounts. Or if Bank of Communications never really moved the money to the correct account.
I called the bank of Communications yesterday and they told me that they could not confirm if the funds were in the account or not because I was not the account holder. I feel like I need to get the police involved but in order to do that what documentation do I need?

Or if you were in my shoes what would you do? I will never send another international wire that is for sure. I've been asking Chase for the tracer since June 18th and they will not provide it. Aren't they supposed to provide it to me to show full legitmate proof that the money got to China? Also is this something I can hire a lawyer for if Chase doesn't provide the tracer? Would it cost me more than the 18000 USD to get this resolved if I hired a lawyer? If I hired a lawyer what type should I hire?

Help? Thank you!

What official document should I be asking from Chase bank to show that the money truly got to the beneficiary?
CHASE!!! A more appropriate and true-to-life name for a bank, there has never been!

It is a horrible fact, but a financial behemoth like Chase can, and will keep you running in loops to time indefinite and no amount of polite letter-writing or phone calls is going to make the monster sit up and pay attention. The only viable and realistic option for you is to cut the niceties and take the gloves off.

You will of course, and without question, have to retain counsel because going pro se in such a case is not going to cut it, because the manner of the transaction, coupled with the parties involved, and the type of relief you are going to request simply demand it. But keep in mind that you can ask the court for attorney's fees at the end of the proceedings if prevail.

To force Chase to turn over documents and proof of the transaction, you must go to court and file suit asking in the emergency for a Mandatory Injunction. As opposed to the more common count of a Prohibitory Injunction, a Mandatory Injunction compels the defendant to do an act rather than prevent it from doing something. So the injunction will prod the bank to do what you have been asking them to do till now and have been royally ignored.

I would highly suggest that you also report your dilemma to the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System who I can only presume, given the financial woes of the recent times and with this particular bank's share of the mayhem caused, will take a good look at your allegations, and then, who knows.

But I wouldn't really waste any more time with those arrogant thieves if I were you; I would instead march right to an attorney and instruct action. The type of attorney needed in such a case is of course a Civil/Business/ Contracts Attorney, but as your case may very well end up in the Federal Court, then choose an attorney with good Federal Docket experience as well as Federal Appellate Courts.

These are times of great suspicion in which we live, right or wrong, beware sending what some believe to be large wire transactions between individuals (even corporate entities).

Some see drug dealers and terrorist operatives everywhere.

I suggest you saunter into the nearest branch of any Chase Bank.

Ask to speak with the "branch manager".

Don't waste your time with ANYONE but the Branch Manager.

If he or she isn't in, see about making an appointment.

The Branch Manager is empowered to help you sort this out.

I've banked with Chasefor decades, and avoid discussing important matters with customer disservice personnel over the telephone or lower level pretenders, see the BIG DOG.

Discuss your concerns and ask the Branch Manager to get the answers you require.

Two things could have happened here:

1) the recipient of the $20 grand is lying to you;
Or 2) the bank has misplaced yoyr $20 grand!

Either way, the Branch Manager can get you REAL ANSWERS.

Good luck!!!
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