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    I was living with a boyfriend and he gave me a truck for Xmas three years ago, he's never had possession. He called because he wants the truck back now three years later. The original title was in both our names with the infamous OR which gave him the opportunity apparently to go to the DMV and put the title in his name. It has been on his insurance and he has used it on his tax returns. All seven of his other vehicles have broken down and he is wanting the truck back. Do I have to legally return the truck? Can I file a Civil suit to keep the truck? Value is 25K. He paid 43K cash off a credit card for it. Says that since he is still paying the credit card, its his truck.
    I dont have much time to file. He did tell my kids and some other folks that it was a gift originally. Oh, I did say that if he wanted to give me 10K, i would go buy something else or we could trade the truck in and both have a vehicle. Thank you
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