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In the America, there is expungement for misdemeanor and some felony (my case is misdemeanor ).

the record will be expunged for public but it will be saved in somewhere in the USA government.

my question is: after it is expunged, and i go back to my country, how should i tell the people for other country.

they often ask:
do you have any criminal record?
have you been convicted of any crime?
or etc.

how should i answer those? With American law or other country's law?

i want to know because i do consider to do the expungement. but it is useless in other country and the immigration then there is no point for doing it. :(

and i have read couple post said that some online background check website would not change the information after expungement. it will make the information that i tell to my employer different which might make him/her thinks I am lying. I do not want that happens. so is there anything i should be careful about?

It is not cool when you are in other country and you cannot get help from your family because all they can do is worrying about you. so i would really appreciate your help.
You can answer in other countries that you have never committed a crime if you expunge your record here. You can admit it here only to immigration and a few exceptions under your states law. Employers and the public would not know about it. Not even the local cops. The law permits you to say it never happened so you are not technically lying. The thing is you have to try to take out the record from the 150 private data bases which are slow and reluctant to do it. The state would do it at all relevant agencies which keep records. Private data companies which have bought the records are slow or do not comply when an expunction is done. But you might want to use a service like to help clean it allover the net and in private data bases. It might take a while but they have many good results. Call them for advice. Traditional lawyers do it only official and don't care about private data bases.
You said i could tell the rest of the world i am clean. do you have any website or law for me to see it? Not like i don't trust you but i want to make myself less worry. and stay out of trouble in the future.
how long does it take?

so i would end up using $2000 to get rid of one ticket and still need to worry about immigration :( I am just a poor student. I want to cry

I think I will find a job 3 or 5 years later in the USA or other countries. do you think the private data bases will renew after all those years?

I just realize USA does not really have privacy in some way...
"The law permits you to say it never happened" I was asking this one. which (mississippi) law says so?
Most private data bases don't upgrade to remove info. They only add new records so you need to try to take it out. Record removal cost $400(four hundred dollars to do your expunction and get it out of private data bases…… them. I think they are the cheapest out there. I never spoke of $2000 ……… It takes an average of four months from what they say. Contact them for any questions, I don't work for them. The laws on rules expunction for your state are in your states penal code. Just Google Mississippi law on expunction. It would tell you everything. The law is very similar in all states. Use Google and find expunction rules in your state.
i did do a lot of google search. but my english is not good enough to understand it well.

and when it gets to international, it gets even more confusing. I just wondering that this case is in the USA but how do other countries look at this law and expungement? do they accept the result of the expungement? some local lawyers are not sure about that either... i do want to be a teacher in USA or my country. they always ask about criminal record. i just dont want them to think i am lying because of the any misunderstand.

i said 2000 because of lawyer, fine, that website. total it is around 2000... :(

thanks a lot. i do learn a lot.
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does that website actually do the whole thing about expungement? like they have lawyers to do that?
there is a local lawyer said she can do it with $350. i usually prefer i can see someone in personal instead of internet. but which one is actually better?
Local lawyers do it at the state and law enforcement l levels but don't change private data bases. The website I posted does both which makes it cheaper. Taking care of it from official records would not take care of it at private levels. If you needed my opinion, I lean towards any person or company which would do both not just one level. So the decision is yours, I can't help. Expunction works everywhere when you do it here. Once it is expunged here, any foreign country checking for records here would be told your record is clean. No one would tell them about this once you clean it up here at Gov. Level and private levels. Try to get a friend from your country to help you translate whatever you don't understand. My post have all your answers just get someone to translate each post. I have posted almost 15 posts for you........
yeah i understand all your post but the special words in the law.
thanks for your help. you are great. i think that should be all for now.
God bless everyone here.
Just talk to a friend who has been here longer to help on the site I sent. It would just confirm what my posts say. Let me know if you still have questions...............
i am just wondering. if other country government job is asking for my criminal record and I said no, would they be able to find out my record in the America after it is expunged??? I am planning for a teacher. if they think i was lying, then i am done for it

I am still really worried because CRIMINAL record sounds really bad to me and probably the people in my country. I think my life is done...
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After expunctions, anyone or country would be told you have a clean record. Your offense is a small one which would not affect in most cases even for jobs as a teacher. Stop worrying so much. No one would have official records of the incident after expunction. No one would know it happened and you can say it never happened. This offense is too small to affect your teaching career even if your state's law required you reveal it.
i have heard people worrying about job-finding after they were charged for selling alcohol to Minor. that is why I am worrying. i guess i do think too much.

i will need to find a job couple years later. I guess i can worry two years later.

mafioso, how long have you been working here??? and how long more?
If your expunction is well done, it would not show up when you are looking for a job. Just make sure private data bases are expunged too...........
how can I make sure private data bases are expunged??? other than that website. I really dont trust internet with my SSN....:no:

it is just hard to get a job in a city and Criminal record will kill your chance...
You can use the recordremoval services I posted ealier. They would take about 4 months. They have had a lot of success in clean all records.Go to their website, get their number and call them for more info. There are many others sites.........Look online and call them for more info. When they are done, no job will see the record.
i am wondering a lot of US government jobs require to tell them the expunged record.

how about other countries' government job??? do i need to tell them?
i found this on some hong kong website

When they check your Criminal Record background, they will notice you have spend some years oversea, they will check with immigration as well as Police record department. Also, your Hong Kong CNCC record cease recording once you leave Hong Kong. Therefore they will know you been oversea and they will ask you to provide a Criminal Record Statement from oversea.

My wife used to work Australian Immigration, i can tell you, it's just one phone call away for any government to request other government for your RAP sheet. Passport and immigration have all your departure record, they will ask the other country for your record even if you did not say anything in Application.
Any US job requiring security clearance would require you expose. Your crime is such a small one that it would not stop you from getting such a clearance. Other countries would not have access to it when it is expunged, so you would be fine. The law here permits you to say it never happened...
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