Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Illinois--Can't Leave State w/o Consent

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I had court today for a dui, pleaded guilty, got supervision (first dui, no other offenses/arrests).

I'm supposed to take my young son on vacation next month and I just read a part of my Sentencing Order--Supervision-Conditional Discharge-Probation and one of the boxes checked says "Not leave the State of Illinois without he consent of the court or monitoring agency." I haven't met with my case manager yet and am not scheduled to do this for 2 1/2 weeks. Is it going to be hard for me to get approval to take my son on vacation out of state? This seems like a pretty big deal to me and I can't believe my lawyer didn't point this out to me. How do I get permission to go out of State? I also have to go out of State for business sometimes. Is this hard permission to obtain? Thanks.
It totally depends on your probation. If you do not have to do random drug/alcohol testing than it shouldn't be a problem. Is Case manager another name for probation officer? As you don't have to see your case manager immediately, again, your probation is probably pretty loose.

I hope everything works out.


I am in the same case as you. Got to go see a sick uncle in Florida for 2 days.
So what did you tell the Judge?
Did you had to talk?

If I have to talk, is it most important to focus on the reason of the trip or on the lack of criminal record, first offence ....? (I've caught for shoplifting - misdemeanor - first offence)

I go to ask for permission to leave the state tomorrow morning so quick answer very very appreciated!


Two difference in my case tough:
- I was arrested for shoplifting
- I haven't been condemned yet, my initial hearing is only in 2 weeks
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