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ignition interlock problem Alcohol: DUI, DWI

Discussion in 'DUI, DWI, BUI, Drunk Driving' started by golfchix, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. golfchix

    golfchix Law Topic Starter New Member

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    i have an interlock on my car due to my dui conviction. after not having any problems with the device for 2.5 months i encountered my first MAJOR problem. I was at my AA meeting Sunday morning, met with my sponsor after the meeting and had left my interlock sitting in my very cold car for 3 hours. When i tried to blow I got a fail, i of course kept trying and got failed 4 more times and the system turn off. i was eventually able to get the device to work, but when i took it to have the info downloaded was told i hade failed and the results were being sent to the courts. i am worried sick, that i'll have to go to jail. i have been to rehab so i asked them to take a urine sample which came back clean OF COURSE,,, will this test and witnesses at my AA meeting be anough proof that the machine gave a false positive? i don't want to hire an attorney, i've paid enough money already... any thoughts?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You may not wish to hire an attorney, but that is your best bet.
    The "witnesses' at your AA meeting will be of little (if any) probative value at your hearing.
    Cold weather little impact on the device's operation, if the user follows the manufacturer's instructions.
    It is the user's responsibility to know how to properly operate the unit.

    Manufacturers do not certify these devices for extremely cold weather.
    If it is colder than 5 degrees (depending on which brand of device you’re using) you MUST warm the unit before it will work.
    The units are designed so the measuring unit can be easily detached to warm them up.
    It is ALWAYS the user’s responsibility to ensure the device is warmed, if needed.

    Ignition interlock devices rarely fail.
    Here are some MYTHS about the devices.
    Here are a few tips on their operation.





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