Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse If a major magazine prints my story before trial, will it harm my case?

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There are some very fine legal minds here. But, your situation is little more than a typical drug arrest. There is an issue with the cause for the stop, but that is not unusual, and it is something that we can't help a whole lot with because we were neither witnesses and we do not know what the officer will state on the stand.

Sorry we don't agree with you that meth and other drugs are just fine and dandy. Your opinion on drugs is irrelevant to your legal situation so it is a moot point. The question you ask about whether the article could play against you is simple - yes, it can. Whether it would or not would depend on whether the state knows it exists or care to bring it up as evidence at all. Likely, if they know about it, they would only use it to impeach you should you take the stand to testify on your behalf - something your attorney almost certainly will not want you to do because he will know that you will either have to admit to knowing about the presence of the meth, or lie. And that would be suborning perjury on his part.

I pray that you learn the error of your ways before you harm yourself or someone else.

- Carl
Wow, this board really brings some of the finest legal minds to bear, I see.
Sure does only yours isn't one of them.

Arguing whether drugs should be legal or not is not an issue for the court and would not, of course, be permitted. It might feel cathartic to write about and it might help to try and cast the blame at society as a whole rather than back at yourself, but it does not change the likelihood of a conviction if you do not prevail on any of your potential motions to suppress.
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