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I was terminated without any write ups or prior notice

Discussion in 'Termination: Firing & Resignation' started by Ms Wright, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Ms Wright

    Ms Wright Law Topic Starter New Member

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    New Mexico
    I was terminated due to management scandal falsifying documents n forced to wk in a hostile wk environment. I was never disciplined n actually given a bonus prior to said termination n never compensated for over 200 hrs of overtime since the agreement between property management company n I wasn't adhered to. Agreement was for all my o.t I'd be given time off paid leave n I was only given 2.5 days paid over almost 2yrs of employment n then docked wages for time taken off. I am seeking representation in this matter. The property owner is aware of property management Co behaviors n she allowed him to cont to manage this property I need help quick n being that the owner is a multi billionaire it's a win win situation I have all documentations for all said statements made here
  2. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    To start with, this is not a lawyer referral service and reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients. You're not going to find representation by posting on a message board.

    Nothing in the law requires that you be given any warnings or notice before you are fired.

    Nothing in the law requires that you be provided with any paid leave or any bonuses.

    If you were a non-exempt employee and worked overtime without being paid for it, you don't need a lawyer; you can file a wage claim with the state of New Mexico.

    Wage Claim Procedures

    Quite honestly, unless you had a binding and enforceable contract for the leave and bonuses, that's the only thing I see for which you have any legal cause of action. And if you do, at most you'll get the time and bonus paid out. As a former poster used to say, you have not won the lawsuit lottery here; you're not going to get a million dollar payout.

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