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I was married in Miami in May, but the completed license has been lost. What should we do?

Discussion in 'Marriage, Engagement, Domestic Partnerships' started by Spanglaw, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Spanglaw

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    I was married in Miami in May 2018, but the completed license has been lost. What should we do?

    The Miami Marriage Bureau have given us two different instructions on two different phone calls. Both people I spoke to advised that my spouse and I must both go in person to obtain a duplicate license, but both gave a different account of this process. The first person I spoke to said we would simply need to turn up with ID to get the duplicate, then return with this filled out by the officiant and any two witnesses.

    The second person I spoke to advised that we would need notarised affadavits of marriage from both me, my spouse, the officiant, and the two original witnesses, just to get the duplicate, and that then we would need to get the duplicate signed by just the officiant, no witnesses needed. This would be very hard, as the witnesses live in NY and the UK.

    This is all very confusing, given this advice has been given by the same institution but is contradictory. If anyone can provide clarity from their own knowledge or experience, that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    It might be easier to obtain another license, if you failed to return the completed license.

    Then you can do a simple ceremony before a judge, JP, or notary public (if FL permits it).

    Did you file the completed license with the issuing office upon completion of the ceremony in May?

    The Lee County Clerk advises:

    Ceremony was officiated, but we no longer have the license. Are we married?

    Yes, you are considered to be legally married. Contact a Florida attorney for further assistance.

    Marriage Licenses | Lee County Clerk of Court, FL

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